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At Zenith Marketing, LLC., we believe that a websites effectiveness is determined based on several important factors:

1. Visual Appeal
Obviously, a website design must be aesthetically pleasing. A well presented site evokes a sense of professionalism. It reduces bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who leave after coming to your site), and improve form conversions.

2. Functionality
The functionality of a website deals with the interaction between the website and the visitor. To determine your function ask yourself this "What is product/service?". The functional quality of your site is determined by how well it performs allows the visitor to fulfill product/service need.

3. User-friendliness
This facet of online effectiveness can be summed up in one word: "Simplicity". Too often, a website, in an attempt to be "flashy" or visually "unique" is too complicated for the end-user. Remember, that while visual appeal is important it is of no use if a potential client cannot easily navigate your site. Keep it simple!

4. Purpose
This is often an overlooked component of an effective website and related to the last point. It is addressed with a "yes" response to the following question: "Does your website meet the NEED of the visitor". is arguably the most used search engine in the world. Their website has only a lone search tool. Why? Because they understand the NEED of their visitors.

5. Visibility
Finally, a websites effectiveness is directly influenced by online visibility . You could hypothetically have the most visually appealing, functional and user-friendly website online. However, if it does not have any online visibility then you will not receive visitors and consequently generate no business.

Zenith Marketing understands all of the 5 factors of an effective website. Our websites are the perfect blend of visual appeal, consumer-focused design simplicity, and purpose-driven functionality. Furthermore, all of our sites are built "search engine friendly", which maximizes your online visibility potential and ensures improved ranking if you decide to market in the future.

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